Our Testimonials

Jeff - North Carolina General Manager Candidate

“I would like to thank Michael for his hard work and dedication in helping me find my current job. He stayed in constant contact with me in my search for a new job and help set up multiple interviews with potential employers. He was not only professional but he was like a friend who truly cared about me and my family. I would be happy to recommend him to anyone seeking a new position.”

Amba - Tennessee Trade Sales Representative Candidate

“Toni is great! She helped me with my career move and I am blessed she was available to help! I have and will continue to recommend her to others!”

Cale - Oklahoma Outside Sales Representative Candidate

“Toni helped me break into the distribution side of building materials and start my career in outside sales with a great company. I would recommend her to anyone interested in this industry!”

Chris - Texas Inside Sales Candidate

“Christopher is amazing at matching talent with opportunities. I was able to land my dream job because of him and JM Hunter Group. Christopher has a high sense of urgency, is a great listener, and has excellent communication skills. He truly cares about helping his clients and building great relationships. Thank you so much Christopher for helping me land my dream job and God bless you.”

Zach - Oregon Lumber Trader Candidate

“I am so thankful for all of the hard work that Christopher did during my interview process. His coaching and guidance helped me to land my dream job. If Christopher had not reached out to me about this opportunity my career trajectory might not have been so pronounced. I highly recommend that anyone evaluating an opportunity with Christopher pursue it! He is highly skilled at matching talent to opportunity.”

Jason - Arkansas Sales Candidate

“My true overriding motivation for writing you this letter is actually to shine a light on excellent work being done on behalf of your company, most likely without much fanfare or need of recognition. It was an absolute delight to work with. In my career I have been contacted by dozens of recruiters, most of which don't even garner a second thought from me about their clients because you can almost hear how disingenuous they are over the phone. On a couple occasions I would speak with a personable recruiter, but I have never had the pleasure of working with someone as professional, informative, genuine, and caring as your company. It was blatantly obvious that they look after their client companies as if they were their own. I would even be willing to bet a chunk of money that they actually love what they do!”

Daniel – Texas Management Candidate

“It is with great pleasure that I share my many thanks to you. The caliber and professionalism of everyone I came in contact with was outstanding. I am most impressed with the consideration to detail while going through the process of obtaining new employment. You all seem to take the anxiety out and replace it with comfort. You are all pioneers in the recruitment world and are championing a great service, which I am grateful to be a part of. Thank You!”

Mary - Mississippi Candidate

“I cannot express with mere words my deepest thanks to you for helping me secure this position with my new company. I believe that each person has a calling in life and you have most definitely found yours. The care, concern, attentiveness and preparation you gave to me were invaluable. The time, attention to detail and follow up in each stage of the hiring process were more than I could have expected. Thank you again for everything. You will forever have my gratitude.”

Sam – Kansas Candidate

“I have been thoroughly impressed. Your company is so professional, so helpful. Other recruiters I’ve worked with do not provide your quality of information or assistance. They say all the right things, but you don’t get the sense they care and give the service you do.”

Ryan - Missouri Outside Sales Candidate

“You’ve been the best recruiter I have worked with. Some are just interested in getting you to interview. You realize they’re really working for themselves and their commission. I could tell that your company was really working on behalf of your client but my interests as well. I really enjoyed working with you.”

Chris - Kansas Corporate Executive

“I just wanted to take a quick minute to THANK YOU! Thank you for calling me about the opportunity with my new company when you did. I was about to take a job that I was about 95% sold on. I am 100% sold on my new company and the way that they go about things. I appreciate all of your help with getting this job.”

Russ - Utah Candidate

“I have never worked with a recruiter who provides so much information. I am much better prepared for this opportunity than any other thime I have interviewed. I want to thank you.”

Mike – Kansas Candidate

“I really appreciate that you provided me such an opportunity and mentoring for this sales position. This was my first opportunity to work with an agency. Your company was such a pleasure to work with. I was truly impressed with the professionalism and dedication that you and your team portrayed throughout the process.”

Mike – Mississippi Outside Sales Candidate

“Your professional guidance, coupled with your thoughtful and personal attention, were invaluable in helping me to secure my new position. There is no question that your approach and resources made all the difference between merely interviewing for a job and being offered a terrific opportunity. I will be forevermore indebted to you and I want to offer my enthusiastic endorsement for your company.”

Scott – North Carolina Officer / Manager Candidate

“I have worked with other recruiters, but you go above and beyond, much better communication. You kept me better informed and your advice has been very helpful.”

Todd - Tennessee Outside Sales Candidate

“You have made a huge difference in my career. I am very grateful for all the time and effort you have spent helping me obtain this new position. Thanks again, and please don't forget that you are making a huge difference in the lives of your clients.”

Loren – North Carolina Client

“Gotta say, I'm impressed with your process. Excellent!”

Paul – Minnesota Engineer Candidate

“I’ve worked with other recruiters in my career, but your office is much more thorough, and more professional. I appreciate the details and help that you have provided. ”

Kenney – Texas Manager Candidate

“Your company is awesome! Since that first call from your office, you have helped me from start to finish to accepting this new manager’s position. If I get to Fort Worth, I want to come and meet you. I told the President (of my new employer), you have been awesome in this whole process. Thank you.”

Hank - Oklahoma Client

“I’m really happy with your work [with the newest hire]. You and your company are an asset to our company.”

Barry - Texas President

“Your company has surpassed our greatest expectations. You’ve given us more qualified candidates than we expected or able to process quickly [for multiple positions]. Give your staff my thanks. I’m impressed.”

Craig - Texas President

“You have brought your processes to a much higher level. Very nice work [of placing the right employees with us]. Your company literally has the power to change companies' culture and profitability. The building materials industry is sometimes reluctant to change. You can play a massive solution role by placing the right people.”

Yvonne - Florida Manager of Human Resources

“I was faced with recruiting seven key engineering and environmental management positions in three different states in a very short period of time. A professional colleague referred me to your company. Within days your company had become an extension of my HR Department. Your recruiters took the time to learn about our company, the corporate culture, upper management styles and our benefits. One of their candidates that I interviewed told me he was surprised to find out that the recruiter did not work for our organization because he knew so much about the firm. Without your company, I could not have met the company’s annual goals.”

Stephen - Minnesota Outside Sales Candidate

“You believed in me. You realized I could sell and was very persistent to get me in front of my new company. Thanks for your persistence. It’s your persistence and hard work that gave me this chance to prove myself during interviewing. I’ll give them my best as their newest outside sales rep.”

Leon - Missouri Human Resources Manager

"We called Jason to fill several key positions due to our Northeast branch taking on a new product line. You filled the positions quickly and the employees you put in place have set new standards for the current staff. Well done."

Melissa - Texas Controller Candidate

“Thank you so much for putting my new employer and me together. I am so excited about the new opportunity and relocating. I can't wait to take on this new position and use both my degrees and experience.”

Steve - Texas Manager Candidate

“I was without a job. Your company came to the rescue. Thank you very much for introducing me to a new company and a new home. I look forward to a long and prosperous tenure with my new employer.”